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Project ID: 13-4-01-8

Year: 2013

Date Started: 08/01/2013

Date Completed: 09/30/2014

Title: Addition of 550 Fire History Datasets (FHX Files) to the IMPD (International Multi-Proxy Database)

Project Proposal Abstract: Over the past three years, the Fire and Climate Synthesis (FACS) project has compiled 550 fire history datasets contributed by 29 research investigators from both universities and federal agencies. Researchers provided their data directly to the project for the purpose of analyzing spatial and temporal patterns in fire and climate history across the western North America. This FACs project was initiated and led by following Principle Investigators: Tom Swetnam (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research), Don Falk (School of Natural Resources) at the University of Arizona, Elaine Kennedy-Sutherland (Rocky Mountain Research Station, USFS) and Peter Brown (Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research). In addition the privately contributed datasets, the investigators utilized 340 dataset from the International Multi Proxy Database (IMPD) hosted by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Now, we would like to submit the 550 datasets to the IMPD, which would increase the holdings of the IMPD by 100% for North America. When this submission task is complete, all privately contributed datasets would become publicly available. Each dataset consists of an FHX file (text file representing fire scars on individual trees) with site-specific information written in the header of each file. In order to submit data to the IMPD, each FHX file must have complete site-specific information written in the header. Site-specific information includes collection date, latitude/longitude coordinates, forest type, elevation and sampled area. Currently, in our collection of 550 files, the site-specific information is not complete for each dataset. In most cases, we have the information contained in a spreadsheet, but it needs to be typed into the header of the FHX files. In other cases, we need to search in the literature or contact individual researchers in order to obtain the proper site-specific information. Each FHX file also has an associated text file stating the sample storage location, literature citation and researcher institution. This current proposal would fund the time of a Research Specialist and undergraduate student to complete the review and formatting of FHX files. The IMPD is hosted by NOAA and there is not sufficient staff time available to perform quality assurance and review for 550 datasets.

Principal Investigator: Thomas W. Swetnam

Agency/Organization: University of Arizona-Tucson

Branch or Dept: Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

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Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Lee Anne T. Peters

University of Arizona-Tucson

Office of Research & Contract Analysis

Budget Contact

Sherry L. Esham

University of Arizona-Tucson

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Co-Principal Investigator

Erica R. Bigio

University of Arizona-Tucson

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

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Fire Science Exchange Network


Great Basin

Northern Rockies


Southern Rockies







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