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Project ID: 13-2-01-2

Year: 2013

Date Started: 05/01/2013

Date Completed: 01/30/2014

Title: Integrating Empirical Results into Predictive Models of Post-Wildfire Responses, AGU Chapman Conference

Project Proposal Abstract: We are hosting an American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference to improve our predictive post-wildfire erosion models by bring together a broad spectrum of the scientific community to discuss and propose resolutions for current research issues confronting the post-wildfire research and mitigation community regarding post-wildfire runoff and erosion. We feel now is an excellent time for holding a Chapman Conference to develop a strategy for moving the present state of knowledge of post-wildfire science forward. The conference will be held in Estes Park, Colorado in August 2013 and will gather field-, modeling- and application-oriented scientists from across the world representing the wildfire impact community. This conference will have the general objective of building communication bridges between fields, assessing how to overcome existing limitations of wildfire-response research, and of determining how to best incorporate existing and future empirically-based knowledge into useful predictive models of post-wildfire response. To achieve truly unified predictive models of post-wildfire processes, the four processes of precipitation, infiltration, runoff, and sediment transport must be linked together. We are seeking financial support for: 1) travel grants for key scientists and especially for early career scientists (graduate students and post-docs) to be able to attend this conference; 2) field trip expenses; and 3) reduced registration fees for early career scientists (graduate students and post-docs). The PI has organized sessions and workshops at regional, national and international meetings during the past 15 years. He proposed the first AGU technical session on the topic of post-fire issues Wildfires and Surficial Processes in 2000. A manuscript outlines the major issues confronting the post-wildfire research and mitigation community was used to develop conference themes is in final revisions for the Earth Science Review journal. Another publication will provide a summary of the conference to be published in EOS, a weekly scientific newspaper of the American Geophysical Union. This will be followed by a summary manuscript submitted for publication to appropriate specialized journals. Finally, either a publication related to technology transfer of the topic discussed during the conference will be written or a separate follow-up workshop(s) will be organized. Partnership contributions have been confirmed from Decagon Devices of Pullman, Washington. Financial support provided by the Joint Fire Science Program will provide partial funding to be able to attract key scientists, numerous young scientists, reduce registration fees and enable a conference field trip.

Principal Investigator: Peter R. Robichaud

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Moscow

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Agreements Contact

Cindy D. Gordon

Forest Service

RMRS-Rocky Mountain Research Station

Budget Contact

Edith M. Cates

Forest Service

RMRS-Rocky Mountain Research Station

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Fire Science Exchange Network




Great Basin

Great Plains

Lake States

Oak Woodlands

Northern Rockies




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view or print   3476 Journal Article Earth-Science Review
view or print   7445 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Collection of Abstracts for AGU Chapman Conference
view or print   7446 Photo AGU Chapman Conference Participants

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