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Project ID: 13-S-01-02

Year: 2013

Date Started: 08/07/2013

Date Completed: 06/08/2016

Title: Understanding Change in Fire, Climate and Society: An Art and Science Collaborative (FCS Art)

Project Proposal Abstract: The Southwest Fire Science Consortium (SWFSC) is currently expanding its target audience to include the public. We are initially doing this through building partnerships and working with Public Affairs and Public Information Officers through different agencies. However, based on the success of the Alaska Fire Consortium's "In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire" project we would like to expand our reach to the very active art community in the Southwest. The goal of this project is to create a stronger link between fire and landscape conservation science with the future of our communities in a changing climate; and to make the newest scientific ideas more accessible to non-science oriented audiences through novel media. To do this we will develop a professional art show with collaborations among scientists, managers and artists. This will require us to solicit professional artists to participate, develop two workshops where artists, scientists and managers interact and learn from each other about science and issues surrounding climate change and fire, and the development of an art show and discussion.

Principal Investigator: Andrea E. Thode

Agency/Organization: Northern Arizona University

Branch or Dept: School of Forestry

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Fire Science Exchange Network


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view or print go to website 7766 Final Report Supplement Fires of Change: The Art of Fire Science

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