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Project ID: 13-C-01-02

Year: 2013

Date Started: 02/12/2013

Date Completed: 03/21/2013

Title: 2013 JFSP Program Review Recording and Preparing Final Recommendations Report

Project Proposal Abstract: The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) is a $14 million interagency research, development, and applications focused on wildland fire and fuel management issues. It is governed by a 10-person interagency board with representatives from five Department of Interior agencies and five members from Forest Service research and management. Every five years, an independent review team is invited to take stock of the program and help the JFSP Governing Board confirm or alter the strategic direction of the program. The JFSP requires a skilled writer-editor to capture the work of the review team and prepare the 2013 JFSP Program Review Final Recommendations Report.

Principal Investigator: Lisa Maze

Agency/Organization: Red, Inc.

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