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Project ID: 13-S-01-01

Year: 2013

Date Started: 03/29/2013

Date Completed: 10/10/2014

Title: JFSP Smoke Science Plan T2: Fire and Smoke Model Validation Workshop

Project Proposal Abstract: This project is purposed to develop a consensus approach to undertake smoke model validation through field measurements. It builds upon needs described in the JFSP Smoke Science Plan (Riebau and Fox 2010), in the JFSP Models and Measurements Workshop, and lessons learned from the Rx Cadre field experiments. While smoke is a component of the Rx Cadre experiments, it is not sufficiently addressed to substantially advance smoke modeling and prediction, or to create an authoritative smoke measurement and modeling database. To do this, it is proposed to bring together a select group of smoke, fuels and fire behavior scientists into a workshop forum to both formalize the research elements and strategies needed to advance smoke modeling and to design and plan a field campaign that can significantly advance our understanding of smoke. The researchers being considered for invitation are national/international experts in wildfire smoke and/or have participated in Rx Cadre Experiments.

Principal Investigator: Timothy J. Brown

Agency/Organization: Desert Research Institute

Branch or Dept: Division of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS)

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