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Project ID: 03-2-3-13

Year: 2003

Date Started: 07/30/2003

Date Completed: 10/13/2006

Title: The Effects of Soil Properties, Fuel Characteristics, and Vegetation Recovery on Post-Fire Watershed Hydrology and Sediment Yield in Chaparral Steeplands

Project Proposal Abstract: Accelerated post-fire erosion from southern California steeplands threatens life, property, and infrastructure at the wildlandlurban interface. The Williams Fire of September 2002 provides a unique opportunity to describe and analyze the impacts of fire and historical vegetation management practices on post-fire hydrologic response and sediment yield in chaparral ecosystems. Objectives include 1) quantifying small watershed runoff and erosion response, 2) analyzing the differences in these response variables from watersheds with radically different management-induced pre-fire fuel characteristics, 3) quantifying the immediate post- fire vegetation response from these watersheds with differing pre-fire vegetation characteristics, 4) describing post-fire soil properties and soil water repellency, and 5) describing post-fire soil and bedrock water storage capacities and antecedent moisture conditions. Stream discharge and sediment yield will be measured by refurbishing existing flumes and debris basins. Pre-fire vegetation will be characterized from historical surveys and recent aerial photography. Post-fire vegetation will be measured using point transects and fixed area plots. Soil properties will be measured using standard techniques. Water content and depth of soil and bedrock will be determined using TDR, GPR, and GPS technologies. Information from this research will help land managers assess post-fire watershed response at the wildiand/urban interface.

Principal Investigator: Peter M. Wohlgemuth

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Jan L. Beyers

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

Co-Principal Investigator

Ken Hubbert

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

Co-Principal Investigator

Marcia G. Narog

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

Federal Cooperator

Peter M. Wohlgemuth

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print go to website 1178 Government Publication Seasonal Changes in Soil Water Repellency Following Wildfire in Chaparral Steeplands, Southern California
view or print   1304 Government Publication Hillslope Erosion and Small Watershed Sediment Yield Following a Wildfire on the San Dimas Experimental Forest, Southern California
    2498 Journal Article Peer Reviewed journal article and government report
view or print   2608 Journal Article xxx
view or print   2690 Journal Article International Journal of Wildland Fire
    1002 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Field Tour to Local Managers and Practitioners Announcing Project
    3197 Field Demonstration/Tour  
    3199 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Post-Fire Erosion Control Research on the San Dimas Experimental Forest: Past and Present
    3200 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Seasonal Changes to Soil Water Repellency Following Wildfire in Chaparral Steeplands
    3065 Conference/Symposia/Workshop The Effects of Selected Post-Fire Emergency Rehabilitation Techniques on Small Watershed Sediment Yields in Southern California
    2468 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Historical Land Use Affects Post-Fire Vegetation Development
    2417 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Hillslope Erosion and Small Watershed Sediment Yield Following a Wildfire on the San Dimas Experimental Forest
    2418 Field Demonstration/Tour  

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