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Project ID: 01-3-3-20

Year: 2002

Date Started: 01/25/2002

Date Completed: 12/11/2006

Title: Experimental Studies of the Role of Fire in Restoring and Maintaining Arid Grasslands

Project Proposal Abstract: Southwestern landscapes can be described as being structured by the interaction of several biotic and abiotic variables of which two land managers can manipulate; fire and grazing. Because of the importance of these variables both separately and together as structuring processes and management tools, we examine both the independent effects and the interaction of these processes. In 1998 research began on an 8,886-acre research pasture divided into four 2,200 acre sub-pastures. This experimental context creates four replicated research and demonstration sites. It is one of the few places where researchers can study, and visitors can observe, the effects of fire and grazing at scales appropriate for understanding these processes. The results from this study will demonstrate the practicality of using fire, with and without grazing, in restoring and maintaining the structure, composition, and biodiversity of arid grasslands.

Principal Investigator: Charles G. Curtin

Agency/Organization: Arid Lands Project

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Ben Brown

Animas Foundation

Federal Cooperator

Carleton B. Edminster

Forest Service

RMRS-Southwest Forest Science Complex

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  ID Type Title
view or print   1487 Government Publication Fire as a Landscape Restoration and Management Tool in the Malpai Borderlands
    2413 Journal Article Effects of Fire Intensity on the Mortality of Grasses and Shrubs

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