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Project ID: 01C-3-3-02

Year: 2002

Date Started: 08/01/2002

Date Completed: 08/26/2005

Title: Implications of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments on Fisher Habitat in the Sierra Nevada

Project Proposal Abstract: The restoration of fire as an ecological process is currently a dominant land management goal for forest landscapes in California's Sierra Nevada. Despite the recognition that restoring fire as an ecological process is a vital step in promoting ecosystem integrity, there is uncertainty regarding how best to do so over large landscapes. This problem is further complicated by the needs to manage habitat for viable wildlife populations, particularly for wide ranging forest habitat specialists such as the fisher (Manes pennanti). Of most concern are the short-term cumulative effects vegetation treatments will have on certain habitat elements (e.g., large trees, snags, and logs) and characteristics (e.g., dense canopies) typically used for breeding and resting by fishers and other species associated with mature forests. To help land managers better assess the cumulative effects of vegetation management on habitat used by fishers and other species associated with mature forests, we propose to conduct habitat sampling at 2 Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatment Study (FFS) sites in the Sierra Nevada. By sampling habitat conditions important to fishers before and after vegetation treatments, we will be able to better understand the effects of treatments on habitat quality at a small spatial scale. The information learned from the FFS sites can also be used to develop an analytical framework to help land managers better assess the cumulative effects of landscape-scale vegetation management on fisher habitat.

Principal Investigator: Richard Truex

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PSW-Institute of Forest Genetics-Placerville

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

William Zielinski

Forest Service

PSW-Institute of Forest Genetics-Davis


Jon E. Keeley

USGS-Geological Survey

WERC-Sequoia & Kings Canyon Field Station


Eric E. Knapp

Forest Service

PSW-Silviculture Lab-Redding


Jason J. Moghaddas

Spatial Informatics Group, LLC

Natural Hazards


Scott L. Stephens

University of California-Berkeley

Department of Environmental Sciences-Policy & Management


Harold W Werner

NPS-National Park Service

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Federal Cooperator

Richard Truex

Forest Service

PSW-Institute of Forest Genetics-Placerville

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