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Project ID: 00-2-25

Year: 2001

Date Started: 03/07/2001

Date Completed: 07/05/2005

Title: Demonstration Plots for Comparing Fuel Complexes and Profile Development in Untreated Stands versus Stands Treated for the Management of Spruce Beetle Outbreaks and Implications for Fuels Manipulation

Project Proposal Abstract: The activity of insects, diseases and abiotic agents is known to contribute to changes in the characteristics of fuels complexes and associated fire behavior. Landscape-scale density management strategies have been proposed as viable alternatives to sanitation or salvage for managing insect and disease outbreaks. The effect pf various density treatments on fuels complexes, or fuels development, however, is not known. An important agent of disturbance in Intermountain Region National Forests is the spruce beetle. Outbreaks have caused extensive mortality resulting in significant loss of timber, recreational opportunities and reduced aesthetics. Mortality resulting from outbreaks has also resulted in increased dead fuel loads and will likely alter the fuels complex of infested stands over time. The Fishlake National Forest in cooperation with the Utah State Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands will implement two density management treatments in several spruce-fir forests with the purpose of reducing susceptibility of these stands to spruce beetle infestation to and enhance tree vigor. This situation provides an excellent opportunity to establish permanent demonstration plots in treated verses untreated stands. Fuels inventories and appraisals will be conducted to determine changes in the fuel complex and profile over time. Based on the fuel inventory and appraisal data fuels treatment strategies including a combination of mechanical and biomass utilization will be implemented on the demonstration plots. Prescribed fire will also be considered for treating fuel provided all prescription variables are met. Other benefits derived from this information include the demonstration of strategies for managing insect outbreaks and fuel development and manipulation.

Principal Investigator: Michael J. Jenkins

Agency/Organization: Utah State University

Branch or Dept: Department of Wildland Resources

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Elizabeth G. Hebertson

Forest Service

Region 4-Forest Health Protection-Ogden


Kelly Allen


Fire & State Lands


Alan Henningson

Forest Service

Fishlake National Forest

Federal Cooperator

Linda Wadleigh

Forest Service

Kaibab National Forest

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Great Basin

Great Plains

Lake States

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Project Deliverables

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  ID Type Title
view or print   922 Government Publication Demonstration Plots for Comparing Fuel Complexes and Profile Development Associated with Spruce Beetle Management
    932 Government Publication Project Packet: All contact and pertinent project information will be compiled into a packet for distribution to agencies and organizations.
view or print   145 Poster Demonstration Plots for Comparing Fuel Complexes in Stands Managed for the Spruce Beetle
    281 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Project results will be presented orally or as posters at nationally recognized symposiums.
    283 Field Demonstration/Tour Organized guided field trips to the demonstration plots
view or print   5403 Poster Demonstration Plots for Comparing Fuels Complexes and Profile Development Associated with Spruce Beetle Activity

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