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Project ID: 01-1-7-14

Year: 2001

Date Started: 09/17/2001

Date Completed: 02/01/2006

Title: Decision Support Methods for Prescribed Fire

Project Proposal Abstract: This proposal is in response to the Joint Fire Science Program RFP2001-1, Task 7: Develop scientifically based support tools to improve fire management decision processes. The proposed project takes the perspective that prescribed fire planning is inherently a problem of decision making under uncertainty and risk assessment, and plans to develop methods for improving prescribed fire planning that are based on decision science and risk management principles. The project will be undertaken as a field-level collaboration with an interagency group of prescribed fire experts, as well as a technology transfer organization. The focus of the project is the development of a software prototype for prescribed fire decision support that uses decision science principles to represent prescribed fire planning in terms of strategic alternatives and contingencies. Prototype development is guided by interaction with field experts in a series of workshops on the application of decision science principles in prescribed fire. Initial prototype development will be based on the Wildland Fire Decision Analysis (WFSA) software used in wildland fire decision support, and which uses decision analysis and multiattibute utility analysis to provide a framework for decision problem structuring, specification of objectives, assessment of uncertainties, outcome tradeoffs, and cost evaluation. The final product of the project is a software prototype and a set of recommendations for technology transfer, based on field experience with interagency prescribed fire personnel.

Principal Investigator: Donald G. MacGregor

Agency/Organization: MacGregor-Bates, Inc

Branch or Dept:

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept


Richard R. Bahr

NPS-National Park Service

NIFC-National Interagency Fire Center


Lyle Carlile

BIA-Bureau of Indian Affairs

NIFC-National Interagency Fire Center


Louisa B. Evers

BLM-Bureau of Land Management

Oregon State Office


Bill Leenhouts

FWS-Fish and Wildlife Service

National Interagency Fire Center


Kelly Martin

Forest Service

Humboldt-Toiyabe NF-Carson Ranger District


Phil Range

BLM-Bureau of Land Management

NIFC-National Interagency Fire Center


Sue Stewart

BLM-Bureau of Land Management

Oregon State Office

Federal Cooperator

Nick Reyna

Forest Service

RMRS-Rocky Mountain Research Station

Subcontractor (Only)

John S. Anderson

Balance Tech, LLC

Subcontractor (Only)

Carl L. Dammann

Carl Dammann, Consultant

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There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

Final Report view or print

("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
    1738 Government Publication Recommendations for the Development of a Software Prototype
view or print   3104 Journal Article Risk Perception, Adaptation and Behavior Change: Self-Protection in the Wildland-Urban Interface
    362 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm  
    363 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm  
    364 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm  
    4760 Training Session Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis in Fire and Resource Management
    4761 Training Session Multi-Attribute Decision Modeling for Fuels Management Program Development
    4762 Training Session Multi-Attribute Decision Modeling for Fuels Management Program Development
    4763 Invited Paper/Presentation WFLIC Working Group on Large Fire Costs
    4764 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis
    4765 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm  

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