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Project ID: 01-3-3-27

Year: 2001

Date Started: 09/19/2001

Date Completed: 08/31/2005

Title: Jeffrey Pine-Mixed Conifer Fire History and Forest Structure With and Without Fire Suppression and Harvesting

Project Proposal Abstract: High severity wildfires are common in pine forests of the western United States. Many have suggested this is primarily due to changes in stand structures and composition from past logging and systematic fire suppression of the last century. There is currently debate on appropriate target conditions for fire hazard reduction and forest restoration. This is due to the lack of unmanaged forests that could serve as references in the western US. The pine-dominated, mixed conifer forests of the Sierra San Pedro Martir (SSPM), Mexico, have not experienced logging and systematic fire suppression. The SSPM is unique within the California floristic province in that its forests are still regularly influenced by fires similar to those that once occurred throughout the western United States. The mixed conifer forests of the SSPM can provide information on reference conditions for forests that prehistorically experienced frequent, low to moderate intensity fires. This information could be used to help develop target stand conditions for reducing the fire hazard in large portions of California and Nevada mixed conifer forests. The objectives of this project are to compare climate, fire history, and stand structures of coniferous forests of the Sierra San Pedro Martir with similar forests of the Sierra Nevada. (This proposal requests funds for work in the eastern Sierra Nevada, matching funds will be used for the work in the SSPM).

Principal Investigator: Carl N. Skinner

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PSW-Silviculture Lab-Redding

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Scott L. Stephens

University of California-Berkeley

Department of Environmental Sciences-Policy & Management


Sam Wilbanks

Forest Service

Tahoe NF-Sierraville Ranger District

Federal Cooperator

Carl N. Skinner

Forest Service

PSW-Silviculture Lab-Redding

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
    3120 Journal Article Spatial Distribution of Regeneration Patches in an Old-Growth Pinus jeffrey-Mixed Conifer Forest in Northwestern Mexico
    2755 Journal Article A Dendrochronology Based Fire History of Mixed Conifer Forests of the Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California, Mexico
    2756 Journal Article Fuel Loads, Snag Density, and Snag Recruitment in an Unmanaged Jeffrey Pine-Mixed Conifer Forest in Northwestern Mexico
    2757 Journal Article Forest Structure and Mortality in an Old-Growth Jeffrey Pine-Mixed Conifer Forest in Northwestern Mexico
    2758 Journal Article Western Pine Forests with Continuing Frequent Fire Regimes: Possible Reference Sites for Management
    43 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Workshops for Landowners and Professional Land Managers
  go to website 318 Website Website describing study and results.
    2436 Field Demonstration/Tour Lemmon Canyon Fire History, Comparison to Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California, Mexico
    2437 Invited Paper/Presentation Do We Need to Restore Our Forests?
    2442 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire History and Forest Structure in Jeffrey Pine, Mixed Conifer Forests in the Sierra San Pedro Martir, Mexico
    2443 Invited Paper/Presentation Jeffrey Pine Mixed Conifer Forest Structure and Fire History in the Sierra San Pedro Martir
    2444 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire in the Sierra Nevada and Southern California Mountains; Similarities and Differences
    2445 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Fire Regimes and Forest Structure in the Mountains of Northwestern Mexico and Southern California
    2446 Invited Paper/Presentation Dynamics of the Last, Intact, Jeffrey Pine Ecosystem from Northwest Mexico: US Restoration Implications
    5967 Field Demonstration/Tour The Tahoe National Forest Research Site

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