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Project ID: 05-2-1-88

Year: 2005

Date Started: 08/05/2005

Date Completed: 08/06/2009

Title: Effects of Fuel Treatments and Wildfire on the Avifauna of the Pine Rockland Ecosystem in Southern Florida

Project Proposal Abstract: Fire management in the rare pine rocklands of southern Florida must address two interrelated goals: 1) hazard fuel reduction and 2) maintaining the biological conditions that plants and animals of this ecosystem depend upon. Hindering achievement of these goals is the lack of knowledge regarding the relationship between fire, wildland fuels, and wildlife. Ecostudies Institute and its federal and agency cooperators address this issue by implementing the first comprehensive study of the ecological effects of fuels treatment in pine rocklands. Specific objectives of this study are to: 1) determine the relationship between fire management activities and abundance and distribution of breeding and wintering birds and their habitats; 2) determine the effects of different fuel treatments (mechanical thinning, prescribed burning) on the abundance and distribution of breeding and wintering landbirds; and 3) determine the role of fire on the abundance of snags, an important wildland fuel and habitat for wildlife. Results from this study will provide science-based support to land managers in south Florida who are developing fire management strategies aimed at reducing hazardous fuels while maintaining the ecological integrity of this imperiled ecosystem. In addition, by involving collaborators from multiple levels of government, our proposed work will facilitate greater communication that is currently lacking among federal, state, and local land management agencies regarding fire management practices.

Principal Investigator: Gary L. Slater

Agency/Organization: Ecostudies Institute

Branch or Dept:

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

John D. Lloyd

Ecostudies Institute

Federal Cooperator

Skip Snow

NPS-National Park Service

Everglades National Park

Federal Cooperator

James R. Snyder

USGS-Geological Survey

Big Cypress National Preserve Field Station

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  ID Type Title
    3042 Journal Article Fire History and the Structure of Pine-Rockland Bird Assemblages
view or print   3107 Journal Article Natural Areas Journal

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